Worst you’ve ever seen

Fahiem Stellenboom, Marketing Manager of the Baxter Theatre

I can’t breathe

I woke up

In the middle of the night

frantic, panicked

I can’t breathe

flashes in my head

how did we get to June

how did winter come so soon

when last night’s Autumn sky

and knee on neck

are etched in memory

carved in history

choking me

how can we go forward

how can we forget

I can’t breathe

he died

they died

its five in the morning

four will become three

the streets are burning

the virus is spreading

our lungs are full

our hearts are sore

our pain is deep

it’s a new level

it’s a new season

it’s a new day

it’s a new normal

nothing has changed

where to from here

I can’t breathe