Works of art celebrated at Christmas in July

Althea Warby.

Grosvenor Square in College Road, Rondebosch, an apartment block for the over 50s, recently celebrated Christmas in July with a festive lunch, attended by 110 residents, family and friends.

The entertainment committee did a fabulous job of ensuring that the venue was beautifully decorated, warm and inviting with special touches including flowers, chocolates and wine.

It also included an art exhibition of work produced by five women from Grosvenor Square, whose drawings and paintings were a culmination of a year’s work, done each Tuesday morning under the guidance of a resident who teaches art. Without any formal art training, these women were heartened by the work they managed to produce. Although it seemed challenging at times, it was very rewarding and fulfilling

This poem was written by Almarie Williams, who teaches the group, to explain what motivates the women, at this stage of their lives, to take their gift seriously:

I am, a mother and a wife

And I know that things are not always easy in this life.

So I paint in sickness and in health,

Counting my wealth in the hope and faith

That empowers me as I work in daylight

And often in the darkest night.

I work, always with the sound of music

And with the smells of medium and of paint,

Listening to wonderful colours and hearing them sing!

Trusting that the work has a ring of authenticity and truth.

How I love the artists who form a group,

Who concentrate, observe and patiently persevere

To put aside a few hours here every week,

Asking that all else should be put on hold,

For this short time.

I write this rhyme to explain

That we don’t paint so much to put our work on show,

But instead hope to share (without being vain)

That this is the way in which we are challenged to grow,

To be strong, sensitive and bold.

And now our story is almost told,

Only to add, that taking risks and feeling out of one’s depth

Is not always so bad!

Therefore we bravely dive in at the deep end.

On comfort zones we simply can’t depend.