Woodstock residents have first meeting

Several residents attended Woodstock Residents Associations first meeting.

The new Woodstock Residents’ Association held its first AGM at Woodstock Town Hall on Saturday March 24.

Various issues relating to the area were discussed, including the notorious Mascani settlement along the railway line, but most importantly, the committee was happy to have drawn the attention of a number of residents (“Woodstock Residents’ Association launched”, Tatler, March 22). They will also be examining the boundary it will cover to make a bigger difference.

Shafieqa Handscombe from Woodstock was delighted to see so many people attending the meeting.

“It is very nice to see so many people coming out, caring and loving, wanting to see Woodstock change for the better.”

Allan Groves is another resident who hoped to see the association grow and even suggested that they consider collaborating with other areas to make an even bigger difference. “You can see straight off the bat how much the people care about Woodstock, but what if we could tap into other areas, involve more people and possibly brainstorm ideas or solutions to things that affect not only our community, but our country in general. It would not mean they are part of this association, it just means that when we are need of fresh views, we can always turn to our neighbouring communities for advice,” Mr Groves said.