Woodstock on the road to recovery

Over the past few weeks, a number of roads in Woodstock have been resurfaced by Transport for Cape Town (TCT), the City of Cape Town’s transport authority.

Brett Herron, the City of Cape Town’s mayoral committee member for transport, said: “The resurfacing forms part of TCT’s annual roads maintenance programme, which is aimed at extending the durability of the city’s roads and ensuring that people and goods can move around within Cape Town for years to come.”

TCT is tasked with the maintenance of the city’s road network of over 10 620 km.

Mr Herron said: “Residents and visitors to Cape Town will, on any given day, notice the workmen and women in areas all over the city repainting lane markings and street names, clearing stormwater inlets, resurfacing roads, or building new walkways and cycle lanes. This is a mammoth responsibility and one we take very seriously.

“The resurfacing of Roodebloem Road, between Lawley Road and Chamberlain Street, was completed a few days ago. Upper Warwick Street, Warwick Street and Ravenscraig Road were resurfaced recently and TCT will, within the next few weeks, commence with the resurfacing of Sussex Street and Cavendish Street, also in Woodstock.

“We have budgeted approximately R2 million for the resurfacing of these roads and I am confident that the residents and business people of Woodstock would have noticed the new smoother road surface. “Apart from the benefits to our residents, well-maintained roads also create a good impression for visitors who can see that we are looking after our city and our infrastructure,” said Mr Herron.