Woodstock high school commemorates Youth Day

Queen’s Park High School pupils commemorating Youth Day.

Queen’s Park High School commemorated Youth Day with a peaceful demonstration at the school last Friday.

The school’s representative council of learners (RCL) organised the demonstration. Pupils carried posters saying, “Black Lives Matter”, “We will not be silent”, and “The youth of today are leaders of tomorrow”.

The RCL’s chairperson, matric pupil Asenathi Somdyala, said: “We would not be here if it wasn’t for the struggle of June 16.”

Deputy head prefect Joy Jada said it was important to acknowledge the sacrifices of young people who had struggled for freedom. “They fought for our education and that’s why we are in school today.”

The pupils also watched old documentary footage of the struggle and had discussions about the importance of Youth Day.

English teacher Marco Jooste said: “They were not too well aware of the Soweto uprising. They needed to know where they came from and what would enhance them in the future.”

Acting school principal Nicolene Abrahams said pupils today could enjoy freedom of education because of what happened in the past.

Members of Queen’s Park High School’s representative council of learners, from left, are Matthew Jansen, Chikita Nelson, Asenathi Somdyala and Awadi Iddi.
Head prefect Magali Nzombi, left and deputy head prefect Joy Jada.
Grade 8 pupils from left, Sinenhlanhla Melane, Kenneth Dayile, Mymoena Majiet and Qhawelesizwe Sibinda.