Woodstock field turned into dump site

Empty alcohol bottles among the rubbish on the open field.

An open field in Woodstock has become a smelly blight on the neighbourhood because it’s being used as a dump and a toilet, say residents.

The field on the corner of Greatmore and York streets is littered with rubble, plastic packets, alcohol bottles, used nappies and sanitary pads.

Greatmore Street resident Carriem Rasdien said: “Dirt has been on the field for months and it does not often get cleaned up.”

Another resident, Julia Ranzani, said the field had become a dump and toilet for passers-by.

“I have seen used nappies, needles, sanitary products, and people use the field as a toilet.

“This area needs to be fenced off because every person who comes by leaves their dirt behind.”

Ward Councillor Dave Bryant has had many complaints about dumping and antisocial behaviour at the site.

“The City’s Problem Building Unit has conducted two investigations into the complaints, but the criteria to declare the sites as problem buildings was not met,” he said.

The City couldn’t fence the field because much of it was owned by national government, with a smaller portion owned by a private individual.

“Unfortunately, there has been no response from the property owners to remedy the ongoing issues,” he said.

Mr Rasdien and Ms Ranzani complained that children played on the field, even though it was not safe, and weekend visitors to the nearby Biscuit Mill used it as a parking lot.

Rudolf van Jaarsveldt, spokesman for the provincial department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, said inspectors would investigate.

The national Department of Human Settlements did not respond to requests for comment by deadline.