Women’s upliftment gets donation boost

The Soong Ching Ling Foundation handing over donations to Sisters Incorporated last Friday.

The Sisters Incorporated organisation in Kenilworth got a morale-boosting donation from the South African Soong Ching Ling Foundation last Friday April 5.

The Kenilworth-based organisation has been serving the community for 60 years, caring for women and children from abusive homes.

Sisters Incorporated manager, Delene Roberts, said the SA Soong Ching Foundation had bought items from their skills centre and the proceeds would be ploughed back into the organisation.

Wesley Naidoo, from Independent Media, which arranged the donation from the SA Soong Ching Foundation, said: “I think that private organisations can play a major role in assisting women and children of abuse by creating some kind of budget whereby shelters and homes can benefit.”

Ms Roberts said the donation was a blessing for the 28 women and children at the home.

Sisters Incorporated has a skills department that teaches bead work, fabric painting, knitting, sewing and more.

There were also opportunities for the women to get computer training and go for their drivers’ licences, Ms Roberts said.

Bernadette Simpson, who has worked for Sisters Incorporated for nine years, said it was a home not a shelter and a place where women and children who had faced abuse and domestic violence could “find love, support and healing in a non-judgmental, safe, secure and supported environment away from the perpetrators”.

Visit www.sisters.org.za/ call 021 797 4190 or email manager@sisters.org.za for more information about Sisters Incorporated.