Windsor High pupils feed the needy

Windsor High School’s new community outreach group handed out soup and sandwiches around Lansdowne train station.

Windsor High School pupils served soup and sandwiches to the needy last Friday.

About 25 pupils from the school’s new community outreach group handed out hundreds of meals in the vicinity of the Lansdowne train station.

Principal Diane Morgan said it was heart-warming to see the pupils were keen to help the less fortunate.

The food was donated by pupils, parents, teachers and others.

Teacher Nicole de Kock worked with the pupils on the project. “The kids first looked at providing food for the poor in the area with the soup and sandwiches and the collection of non-perishable foods,” she said.

They also wanted to collect sanitary towels and start a food garden, she said.

Matric pupil Layla Taliep said: “It’s very important as a matric pupil to participate in this project in my final year.”

Fellow matric Shalom Manziy-Jacobs added: “I would like to be a clinical psychologist when I finish school, and you must have a heart when working with people.”

Call Windsor High at 021 696 2974 for more information about the community outreach group.

Windsor High pupils walking down Imam Haron Road serving sandwiches, from left, are Laeeka Davids, Nawhaal Dickson, Fika Gom, Tameka Marcus and Layla Taliep.
Preparing the soup and sandwiches on the school grounds, from left, are Martha Mushambi, Kelly de Villiers, Shalom Manziy-Jacobs, Nosipho Ngesi and Farieda Malukula.