Windsor High matric pupils ready for new school year

From left, teacher Sajal Parmar, pupils Imran Mosavar and Nikita du Plessis, and principal Dianne Morgan are ready for a new school year.

Two Windsor High matric pupils, Nikita du Plessis and Imran Mosavar, have spoken about their hopes and dreams for the new school year.

Nikita,17, from Athlone, says she is both excited and nervous about the year ahead. “The workload may be too much too handle,” she says.

Imran, 18, from Wetton, says he is grateful for making it this far in his school career.

Both pupils had to endure nearly two years of disrupted schooling during the pandemic. Imran says he found it tough in the beginning because he didn’t have wi-fi at home and had to do his homework at his aunt’s house.

Nikita had wi-fi at home but found it hard to adapt and do her work without a connection to the school environment.

“During the pandemic, while everything was going on around me, I said if I want to make it in life, I needed to focus on my school work and work hard,” she says.

Imran says he tried to keep his spirits up. “I didn’t let it get to me. I did my school work and did my cycling, which took some stress away.”

Both pupils hope to go to the matric ball and do well in the exams. Nikita wants to study a sports-science and sports-management degree at Stellenbosch University while Imran wants to do a BCom in economics at UCT.

Nikita’s message for all her schoolmates is, “We’ve come this far; don’t give up. Now is your chance to make the most of your high school career and leave a good legacy behind.”

Imran’s advice is to stop “slacking off” and “start studying hard”.

Windsor High teacher Sajal Parmar says the pandemic has taught her to adapt to her environment and that education will always prevail. Working hard starts from day one, she says.

Principal Dianne Morgan adds: “Amidst the Covid-19 challenges of the past two years, the Windsor family has shown resilience and true grit. My wish for 2022 is that we continue to build on our achievements of the past two years.”