Wheelchair helps Elizabeth move around

Elizabeth Zweistra received a wheelchair gift from ward councillor Mark Kleinschmidt on behalf of the Executive Mayoral Mobility Aid Programme.

An elderly Kenwyn resident’s mobility problems will be made easier thanks to a new wheelchair given to her last Friday by ward councillor, Mark Kleinschmidt on behalf of the Executive Mayoral Mobility Aid Programme.

Elizabeth Zweistra ,76, had a knee operation in February, following many operations in the past four years which included operations on her shoulders, 16 screws and a rod in her back and she had really bad artio arthritis which all affected her mobility.

Since her knee operation in February, she had a problem moving around the house and she was confined to a couch, most of the time.

She said if she was to go shopping with her family, then they would need to go to a supermarket that was not too big, because she couldn’t walk far with a walking frame.

Mr Kleinschmidt said Ms Zweistra applied for a wheelchair two weeks ago through the Executive Mayoral Aid Programme and explained that all councillors may apply to this division in the mayor’s office for the wheelchair opportunity.

The mayor and her team peruse all applications and make the final decision.

“There is a tremendous feeling of goodwill and compassion for those seniors who become infirm and lose their mobility. This outreach programme serves to fulfill their needs,” said Mr Kleinschmidt.

Ms Zweistra said the new wheelchair made it easier for her to go out with her family as they can push her in the wheelchair. “We are already planning to go to some park in the West Coast next weekend with my great-grandchildren if the weather is okay,” said Ms Zweistra.

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