What is art?

Through Blue by Janet Ranson is a mixed-media painting recalling summer days on the beach.

Fourteen artists are exploring their own interpretations of what arts means at a Woodstock exhibition.

The exhibition of paintings, photographs, prints, ceramics and sculptures, at the Altona Hotel from Friday March 24 to Monday April 24, will look at the uses of art and its effects on the viewer, taking the emphasis away from the artist.

Curator and participating artist Janet Ranson spoke about her work, Through Blue, and how it sought to evoke memories.

“This mixed-media painting attempts to prolong the sense of physical wellbeing of summer days on the beach. You are invited to recall that moment of arrival at the beach and relive the anticipation of a refreshing dip.

“I hope my memories of release and pleasure, of inhabiting beauty, can evoke yours and we can agree that the blues are not depressing at all.

“This is not a show about art therapy, but about the wider use and meaning of art. Visit the exhibition and find out for yourself if art can indeed help you better to endure and enjoy your life,” said Ronson.

Theresa-Jo Wessels will also be exhibiting. Her piece, Tennis Lesson, invites the viewer to see the tennis court fence, but look past it while examining the boundaries in their own lives.

“You gradually begin to peer at the everyday with intrigue. To appreciate the ordinary. It is not the meaning of life I am looking for, it is life itself,” said Wessels.

The Altona Hotel has been restored and converted into a health and wellness centre.

The exhibitors are: Alin Nab, Amy Ayanda Lester, Cha Davenport, Chas Unwin, Cheryl Traub Adler, Daniela Puccini, Janet Ranson, John Bauer, Richard Ketley, Logo Oluyamuwiya, Scott Eric Williams, Sue Conradie, Sue Jowell and Theresa-Jo Wessels.

Contact Janet Ronson at 083 269 918 or janran@cybersmart.co.za for more information.

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