What does ‘clean up’ mean?

Emma Brewster, Harfield

The story “Squatting headaches” (Southern Suburbs Tatler, May 17) refers.

I was very struck by how the article was written and have a number of comments I would like to make.

What does it truly mean to “clean up” the area? Are the residents being seen as human beings with dignity rather than people that just need to be moved? And to where? To another area that will lead to a similar article being written?

What is it they are really wanting? Are we listening to them in a way that they can be heard?

I would disagree with the quote from Dave Bryant that “the responsibility for fighting drug dealing and prostitution falls squarely with the ambit of SAPS.” Absolutely not. It is all of our responsibilities to fight it. We must work in partnership together.

There are many different layers, many different complexities that contribute to drugs and prostitution. What would it truly mean to redeem this plot of land for good?