Wear your flip flops to help children with cancer

CHOC’s Sybrand Park office team wearing their flip flops, from left, Marilyn Boltney, Gafsa Davids, Anita Coetzee, Yonela Mqwashu, Monica Jumba and Gadija Israel.

The CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation is calling on the public to support their second annual Flip Flop Day fund-raiser, on Friday February 12.

The non-profit provides support and safe accommodation for out-of town families bringing children for cancer treatment.

Gadija Israel, the fund-raising manager at CHOC’s regional office in Sybrand Park, says Flip Flop Day shows the children and their families that they are not alone and CHOC is walking with them every step of the way.

“Despite Covid-19 and lockdown this year, everyone can still partake in their homes or while working or learning remotely,” she said.

The fund-raiser also recognises International Childhood Cancer Day on Monday February 15.

The public can support Flip Flop Day by buying a R10 sticker – from Tekkie Town or PNA or by visiting their website – and wearing it along with their flip flops.