UNTU workers back on duty on Central Line

Members of the United National Transport Union (UNTU) will commence with duty on the notorious Central Line with immediate effect.

This comes after Untu and the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) signed an agreement late last night.

In terms of this agreement Untu members will only operate on the Central Line under the following conditions: two police officers to escort the train driver; two police officers to escort the Metro train guard; a police officer in the middle cab as back-up; armed guards at turn-around stations; armed guards at all the “hot spot” train stations, including but not limited to, Netreg, Bonteheuwel, Heideveld, Nyanga and Langa.

Police officers will accompany the train crew from the roster office.

Containers will be placed at the Bonteheuwel split with armed guards/police officers 24/7 with vehicles on the service roads within 30 days as from January 16.

Missing signals will be replaced and will be in full operation within 90 days.

Steve Harris, general secretary of Untu, said if Prasa or SAPS fail to adhere to the agreement, the train service on the Central Line will be suspended again. “This is what Untu has been demanding for the past two years. Although it is a relief for the employees working on the Central Line, one must never forget that five innocent workers paid with their lives because basic security measures were not met,” said Mr Harris.

The service on the Central Line is scheduled to resume this afternoon.