Two Pinelands homes gutted in fires

A thatched-roof home in Forest Drive, Pinelands, was damaged by a massive fire.

Two thatched-roof Pinelands houses were gutted by fires that broke out on Tuesday January 2.

The City’s fire and rescue spokesperson, Jermaine Carelse, says fire crews from Brooklyn, Epping and Goodwood first responded to a fire around noon in Forest Drive, Pinelands. “This was a thatched-roof dwelling and the entire dwelling was severely damaged,” he says.

He says the fire was brought under control and extinguished by 6pm and no injuries were reported.

Then around 12.50pm, there was smoke visible from a house in Peak Drive, Pinelands. Mr Carelse says fire crews from Milnerton, Roeland Street, Epping and Wynberg were on scene to fight the fire.

He says the building was severely damaged from the fire, however, nobody was injured.

Mr Carelse says the cause of both fires are unknown.

A Pinelands home in Peak Drive was damaged by the fire.