Two new exhibitions at Irma Stern Museum

Reading Figure II, done in ink by Stanley Hermans.

Works by Stanley Hermans in ink, Japanese brush, pen and gouache are taking centre stage at the UCT Irma Stern Museum.

One of the pieces, Watsonia, was inspired by South African soprano, Pretty Yende’s interpretation of the Flower Duet by Leo Delibes.

A sequence of drawings, Here’s That Rainy Day, outlines figures in ink, detailing the intricacies of their anatomy without revealing any individual characteristics.

The collection includes a studies of people in the rain as well as people reading and people on a train.

The works are done on Fabriano and cotton paper from Laos, in pen and Japanese brush and ink.

Also at Irma Stern is Kabbalistic Excursions, an exhibition by Danny Shorkend who has produced mixed media pieces influenced by the Kabbalah, the sciences, judo and formal awareness.

The paintings are mostly acrylic on wooden boards.

With the abstract symbols and brush strokes, the artist hopes to
portray the abstract concept of

Both exhibitions run until Saturday April 29.

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