Traffic rule makes no sense

Delia Scott, Newlands

Rather block this street than park half on it and half on the pavement. That is the city traffic department’s clear message to users of Montrose Street, Newlands, which runs up from Main Street past the Montebello flats, then round the corner into Rudolph Street, and on to Dean Street.

If you park half on and half off, you get a R500 fine for parking on the pavement, albeit on only half. If you park off the pavement, you block this narrow street with the city council’s apparent blessing.

The council has been asked to erect no-parking signs, which would keep both the pavement and one side of the street completely clear. But no, it prefers to have the traffic flow blocked.

The only conclusion local residents can reach is that income from parking fines takes precedence over everything, and that daily congestion, especially at morning peak hour when SACS pupils are dropped off at school, is of no consequence.

Representations to the local city councillor, Ian Iversen, have proved fruitless. Yet another DA disappointment.

Councillor Ian Iversen responds: Rudolf Road is a typical narrow Newlands Road. Over the years, traffic has carried out inspections to investigate concerns raised. The traffic branch has carried out enforcement duties.

The road is certainly busy on school-day mornings as parents drop off students. To allow parking half on half off the road will negatively impact pupils and pedestrians. The “pavement” is narrow because of the slope of the ground from the school. I’ll request the traffic branch to undertake regular enforcement duties, plus, as I have done so in the past, I will contact the headmaster of the school to ask parents to be far more considerate when parking.

City traffic services spokesman Richard Coleman said he had no record of any correspondence from this writer. Complaints could be sent to He added: “I can confirm that Montrose and Dean Street are some of our standing complaints which are attended to daily as a result of previous complaints about illegal parking. Traffic services and engineers are in consultation and will consider all options.”