Traffic impact

Nicola Keeton, Kenilworth

I read about the proposed development at the Kenilworth racetrack (“Hotel on the cards for racecourse”, Tatler, July 7).

Just a question – has someone done analysis on the impact on traffic that takes into context all of the development that is going on in the area. While performing an assessment on each development individually may make it look like there won’t be a large impact on traffic, taking into account multiple developments may reveal a different picture.

At the moment there are three new blocks of apartments all bordering on Rosmead Avenue in various stages of development. All adding more traffic.

And who knows how many more are in the planning phase or that will pop up in the next year? The new traffic lights could serve to cause a gridlock rather than smooth the flow of traffic.

Another thing, there are currently a lot of homeless people, people begging and street children around this area. What will be done to uplift the area and bring about the revitalising of the area the development is meant to facilitate?