Theft of gas cylinders threatens school feeding scheme

The gas cylinders were stolen from this metal cage outside the school building.

The theft of two gas cylinders from Dryden Street Primary School has dealt a blow to the Salt River school’s feeding scheme.

The 19kg cylinders were stolen from a metal cage outside the school building, at the weekend, according to principal Stanton Smith.

“When we arrived on Monday morning, we saw that the gas cylinders were stolen,” he said.

“This had a massive ripple effect on our school, which meant our pupils could not have a warm breakfast at school, and it means that we must pay for the new gas cylinders and the installation on the school’s limited budget.”

The lock on the cage was left intact and Mr Smith suspects a crowbar was used to prise the cage open. The school would have to find a way to better secure the cylinders, he said.

The school has appealed to anyone with information about the theft to come forward. “I also want to make the community and neighbouring schools aware of potential opportunistic crimes like this,” said Mr Smith.

Woodstock police station commander Colonel Delvyn Matroos said they were investigating.

Anyone with information can call Woodstock police at 021 442 3117.