Theatrical performances wow crowd

The Clone performance by Darkroom contemporary dancers, from left Cilna Katzke, Joy Miller and Lewellyn Afrika.

The Darkroom Contemporary Dance Theatre dazzled audiences at the Magnet Theatre with their double bill performance last week.

The NPO was formed in 2010 to explore and promote theatrical dance as an art form through performance, education and film.

They performed two works, Clone and In C, at the Magnet Theatre from Tuesday until Sunday.

Clone saw dancers Joy Millar, Cilna Katze and Lewellyn Afrika performing in well-rehearsed artistic movements while composer, Brydon Bolton played a new musical score from a double bass combined with computer generated sound.

Cilne Katze,31, has been a season-based performer for Darkroom Contemporary since 2012.

She said it is the first time that she performed Clone in front of an audience and this brought a sense of energy and adrenaline.

The In C performance was based on an interplay between dancers and musicians.

It was an original composition by Terry Riley in 1964 but was adapted and given a 21st century treatment by the music duo, Without eyes.

In C was first commissioned in 2016 by the Baxter Theatre for the Baxter Dance Festival.

It was performed by dancers Lewellyn Afrika, Cilna Katzke, Lee Kotze, Joy Millar and Kayla Shultze. The performance showed good strength, acrobatics and synchronisation with the sound and lights.

Dancer Lee Kotze,23, explains what the In C performance means to him.

“It is about the music and the connection with the music and a dancer, the two musicians’ performance, the music on their laptops,they cue their music by watching us and that what’s it all about,” said Mr Kotze.

Audience members were left amazed by the performances of the Darkroom Contemporary team.

“I thought that the costumes were beautiful, the set was stunning and the live musicians gave a really good performance. It was a really great idea,”said Mr Ebrahim Medell who is an artistic director of the Eoan Group.

“I liked the contemporary presentation, I liked how it was geometric and I also liked how it relied a lot on ballet,” said Yolanda Methvin from the Board of the Magnet Theatre.

Louise Coetzer, the artistic director and choreographer of Darkroom Contemporary, said she spent over four weeks rehearsing Clone and In C to get her team ready for stage production.

Undere Deglon, who is a board member of Darkroom Contemporary, said: “Darkroom tries to give us the extraordinary and explores alternative spaces, they can go to the Baxter Theatre, come to Magnet Theatre and go to Johannesburg, they are not too dependant on props, more on people giving of themselves, artists giving of themselves combined with musicians,” said Ms Deglon.

Darkroom Contemporary are planning on performing again later this year and the details will be made available by the organisers.

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