The pain of addiction

Ellapen Rapiti, Kenwyn

I wish to share this sad story to highlight the plight of parents who struggle with their children’s addiction.

On my way to the store this week, a client caught my attention when he called out to me from a distance. I was glad to see him but my happiness ended abruptly when he informed me that he buried his adult son the night before. His son overcame a 10-year battle with drugs after being in a rehab for five months.

He started working to get back his life. On his way home with his dad, he apparently slumped in the seat in the bakkie and passed away.

He apparently had a heart attack.

I froze not knowing what to say. How does a parent come to terms with such a loss after trying so hard to save their child from drugs?

I empathise with parents, who have to cope with the harsh realities of addiction in their lives while trying to meet many of life’s challenges and curve balls.

I salute those parents who never give up but live in hope.