Thank you for your patience

Sharon Cottle, Ward 58 councillor

Daily events in our country and elsewhere in the world serve as a timely reminder of the realities with which, to different extents, we are all being confronted.

The City has contingencies to ensure operations and service delivery continue, as far as is possible, while ensuring the health and safety of our staff and the public we serve.

The municipality has continued to deliver essential services during the lockdown, but the reality is that Covid-19 will have an impact on service delivery from time to time.

In my dealings with residents, there has been a measure of understanding for this under these unprecedented circumstances.

Thank you for displaying patience when this has been required. Thank you also for your many messages of appreciation and support received for City of Cape Town staff who are on the front line during the lockdown period, delivering basic and essential services to ensure that we can stay safe and healthy.

Residents can leave messages online at

Your messages are collated and shared with the various departments at the end of each day, and this is a tremendous source of encouragement to the staff.

The City has introduced a number of business-support services during this time, and all business owners are encouraged to log on to and engage with the material that has been made available.

Please continue to heed all the advice which has been shared with regard to keeping yourself and your families healthy and safe. This includes remaining vigilant with your personal safety measures by continuing to wash your hands regularly, maintaining physical distancing at all times, and wearing a mask when you leave the house. By working together, we will get through this.