Thank you, couple at the café

Celebrating Lita Gonsalvess birthday, back, from left, are Marilyn Wridgeway and Sue Gow and, in front, Carol Venter, Lita Gonsalves, Martha J van Rensburg and Del Davies.

Lucille Byrnes, communications officer of Rosedale Service Centre Rosebank

Lita Gonsalves celebrated her 91st birthday on Monday January 27 with her companions from Rosedale in the lovely gardens of Ou Meul Bakery & Cafe in Pinelands when a couple at a nearby table, who were also enjoying the afternoon, must have overheard the discussion about the big event.

The next thing they knew, these good Samaritans had contributed R200 towards the outing.

Not knowing their names as they chose to remain anonymous, there is no way they can be acknowledged except through the medium of your community newspaper.

A very warm thank you.