Thank you, Claremont police

Diane Longmore, Constantia

Last week my handbag was stolen from my parked car in Claremont around lunctime.

The car was unattended for a very short time, but long enough for a window to be forced out when the anti-theft protective film couldn’t be ruptured.

Bank and other cards were cancelled. Hedges and dustbins were examined in case my diary and other essentials had been discarded there.

Less than 24 hours later, while I was contemplating the dreaded ID and licence replacement procedure, Sergeant Mandy Lourens of the Gangsterism and Drug Task Team called to say that all my cards had been recovered during a drug raid in Ottery.

An hour later, I received these cards as well as my ID and driver’s licence from Sergeant Lourens and her partner, Sergeant Francois Slabbert, at Claremont police station. What a silver lining to the cloud that hung over my new year.

Thank you, thank you, to these committed officers, more so because returning stolen property is not part of their unit’s remit.

Officers at Claremont police station deserve credit too, for the understanding, politeness and professionalism they displayed when I reported the case, and returned later to make a statement; also when my stolen documents were returned by Mandy and Francois.

Thank you all, and may you have more, successful busts and fewer cases to investigate this year. You are an undervalued resource.