Thank you

Carolyn van Vlaanderen, Claremont

To all the wonderful people who saved the life of my husband, Hans, in Keurboom Park on the afternoon of Thursday August 4, I cannot thank you enough.

From the first aid team at Rondebosch Boys’ school, the cardiologist who just happened to be there, to the lovely lady who brought me tea, and the gentleman from Western Province Cricket Club who arrived with a defibrillator, the gentleman who took care of our dog, my sister-in-law who took care of me, and the amazing George and

Matthew from the ER24 Team.

I don’t know who called ER24 but thank you, and to everyone who helped, including the young blonde-haired lady, and others who assisted in giving CPR.

Hans suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and would not be alive today without CPR being done immediately and persistently until the medical team arrived.

We all need to go on a first aid course.

I’m pleased to say that he is home and well on the road to recovery and has had a pacemaker/IBD (implantable biventricular defibrillator) fitted.

Thank you to the superb and caring cardiologists and the wonderful nursing care at Vincent Pallotti Medical ICU.

And heartfelt thanks to all of you, family, friends, neighbours for your prayers, support, meals and thoughts during this emotional time. What a wonderful community we live in. With warm regards to all of you.