Telkom troubles

Liz Usher, Kenilworth 

I have just read the Off My Trolley article by Brian Joss (“Tough time trying to take Telkom to task,” November 1), and just shook my head as the article could have been about me and my long fight with Telkom.

In short, I applied to Telkom for home fibre in April and to date no fibre installation has occurred, yet I am being billed every month and the account for it is now over R9 000. I have phoned so many times and have numerous reference numbers, and have had my case escalated umpteen times, and I have sent emails,  and complained on their Facebook page, and yet still no joy. 

 I have now “cancelled” the service (which I don’t have installed) and my landline, as Telkom are beyond useless. They have one saying of “Set yourself free and sign up with Telkom” (paraphrasing) and so I have set myself free of them.

 Their other motto is : “Tomorrow starts Today”,  and yet they are so behind they haven’t even got to this decade. 

 My last complaint is having four telephone lines going to my neighbours from a pole in our property.   These lines are lying across and through my roof. I have reported this to the technical deptartment since January,  as we want them removed, and we have had several technicians come and look at it and say its illegal and should be sorted immediately, and they will report it again and others say they will come “next week”, and yet nothing has happened to date.  

So again, useless beyond useless. One technician offered us some advice of just cutting them down if nobody came back within the week, and then the neighbours would complain to Telkom of having a fault, and they would have to come out to sort the “disconnection”.

 But my one neighbour relies on her landline for business,  and asked that we do not go that route. 

 So I feel everyone’s pain with this company.