Telkom Trolley responses

Sandra Sheinbar,
Sea Point

After reading your article (“Looks like the fixed line is finished”, Off My Trolley, June 26) I felt compelled to drop you a line saying we too have gone with the new telephone system and except for a few hiccups, mainly due to our inability to grasp the system, we have had amazing service from the start.

Also, every time I popped into Telkom the service from those guys was way beyond the call of duty. So helpful and so kind and caring. The only hitch we find is having to carry the phone around with us from room to room which at our age and stage of life is a bit of a nuisance.

Luckily we only live in three rooms.

We always enjoy your column.

ES Windvogel, Manenberg

I have used my phone for the past seven years with no problems. Even with load shedding, the phone worked.

Battery lasted as long the lights were off, and when it came on the battery just charged. I have perfect internet and wi-fi.

The only thing is you have book for international calls. But there’s no problem using email.

Brian Metcalf, Wynberg

Just a note in support of Telkom.

Some months ago, they rang to ask if I would care to go the wireless route,

I said yes, it took about two months to deliver the phone and some weeks to deliver the SIM card.

After following the instructions, the signal went down on the original phone, it warns you of this happening, 36 hours later the new phone was working.

I have only good things to say about Telkom, they have always been on the ball, I do feel for customers who have struggled, as noted.

Well done on all the effort you put into helping people.

William J. Vredehoek

I read with interest your column regarding the replacement of fixed line telephones with a wireless desktop unit.

Telkom advised me in December 2018 that I should apply for the replacement unit which I duly did on December 15.

I was told the new unit would be delivered within three to four weeks.

I made arrangements to have someone available during January to receive the phone.

Now six months later I am still waiting.

I telephone Telkom’s 0800 number regularly to enquire about the delivery and am always told that the unit would be delivered shortly – usually within a week of my telephone call.

Needless to say I have not received the unit and get absolutely nowhere with the follow up phone calls.

Every inquiry is met with a new story and an assurance that the matter is in hand.

I am more than disillusioned with Telkom but do need the telephone.

I am away soon for two months but there will be a house-sitter to accept the new handset, on the assumption that it will arrive before the world ends.