Stations open after Covid-19 cleaning

Mowbray police station.

Mowbray and Woodstock police stations have reopened after they were closed last week due to coronavirus cases that occurred there.

Provincial SAPS spokesperson, Brigadier Novela Potewa, said that Mowbray police station closed last Thursday, May 14, due to a Covid-19 case.

“Mowbray police station relocated its community service centre (charge office) to another building on the premises as the decontamination process was under way,” she said.

The station reopened on Saturday after it was decontaminated in line with Covid-19 protocols.

Brigadier Potelwa said that Woodstock police station’s community service centre also relocated to a separate structure at the back of the station building due to a Covid-19 case last Thursday May 14. “They have since returned to the station building on Friday May 15 after the decontamination of the station in line with Covid-19 protocols,” she said.

Brigadier Potelwa said: “As a standard procedure, all members who have been in contact with infected cases undergo the necessary screening and are quarantined.”