Sports festival brings kids together

Rondebosch East and Norma Road primary school’s under-11 netball teams.

Rondebosch East Primary School held its annual Spring Sports Festival at the school on Saturday November 4, the first one since the pandemic.

The event includes soccer, netball and table tennis matches and encourages teamwork, fair play and healthy sportsmanship. Every year, the school invites underprivileged schools to take part and this year the other participating schools were Norma Road, Blomvlei, Arcadia, Heideveld, and Primrose Park primary schools.

“The day is all about encouraging pupils to work together and trophies are handed out according to how well the teams work together – not who wins the match. At the end of all the matches, we hand out five different trophies for various categories, which are judged by external judges,” said the school’s foundation phase departmental head Fadjwa Adams.

Ruwayda Hendricks, a teacher from Manenberg’s Primrose Park Primary School, said the pupils had practised hard for the event, giving up their breaks. With gangsterism rife in Manenberg, the day was something the pupils had looked forward to, she said.

“Our pupils don’t always see the outside of Manenberg and coming here today, meeting new people was really uplifting.

Imraan Hendricks, a teacher from Heideveld Primary School, said: “The pupils look forward to this tournament and have been asking about it all year.”

Thanking Rondebosch East Primary School, he added: “We appreciate how you bring children and schools together from different communities – exposing pupils in a good way to differences in the schools and areas they come from, but they come together as one in the name of sports.”

Rondebosch East Primary School’s under-12 soccer team.
Arcardia and Heideveld primary schools’ under-10 soccer teams.
From left, are Nurah Botha, Nuhaa Gamieldien, Charissa Adams and Sufiya Kannemeyer.
Rondebosch East Primary School’s under-7 and under-8 netball players.