Special screening

■ Fifty schoolchildren joined CapeTalk presenter Koketso Sachane for a special screening of Black Panther at Cavendish Square Ster Kinekor on Friday March 9. The blockbuster superhero film centres around Wakanda, a fantasy African nation that is technologically advanced and untouched by colonialism. The film, through #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe, has sparked dialogue and personal reflection globally about black identity. Sachane recently, on air, discussed the importance of the film and its representation of black people and the challenge of the “dark continent of Africa” narrative. During his show, EWN’s Natalie Malgas called to tell of an email doing the rounds. It was written by Claremont High maths teacher Khanyisane Falake who was asking for help to get her pupils to watch the movie. Listeners moved by her email made donations to get the children to the movie. Another 50 pupils – accompanied by Ms Falake and Sachane – are due to attend a screening of the film on Friday. Pictured are the Claremont pupils during a special screening of Black Panther.