Skills school shows support for seniors’ home

Staff from Ashraful Aid, Erica Place and Batavia School of Skills.

Staff and residents at Erica Place, a non-profit frail-care home in Silvertown, were pampered by Batavia School of Skills pupils on Wednesday May 17.

Pupils from the Claremont school gave the seniors manicures and raffled a footstool and storage chest, which had both been made by the pupils. They also handed out cupcakes made by the pupils

At the same time, an NGO, Ashraful Aid, donated toiletries to the residents.

“This is an opportunity to give back. We are so blessed at Batavia, and we want to spread all the blessings and love, especially for people who have given their lives to raise us,” said Selna Thiart, the school’s principal.

Teacher Omar Nolan said they also planned to visit homes for the disabled and hospitals.

Ashraful Aid regional manager Shafiek Nolan said they would be giving certificates to all the pupils who took part in the outreach service.

Erica Place manager Norma October thanked the school and Ashraful Aid for their support.

Batavia School of Skills teacher Candice Brown gives Erica Place therapeutic assistant Malickah Coetzee a manicure.
Batavia’s acting deputy principal, Vos Reyneke, right, helps Ashraful Aid members, Ihsaan Albertus, left, and Shafiek Nolan hand out toiletries to the seniors.