Share the water

Ebrahiem Rahman, Rugby

Firstly, I like to thank God for providing us with this miracle. I am a regular water collector at the springs due to the water restrictions and feel that every citizen must do their bit to save water in this desperate time. I have been doing my part as per council’s request and brought my water account down to R49 a month.

As for those who made the comments that some people are taking too much water and allegedly selling the water, I must say, are they for real?

The water is there and has been there for a long time. The truth is they are not concerned about the amount of bottles of other people, but rather the idea that they have to stand in a queue like everybody else. They are not used to standing in queues.

These people just want everything for themselves and don’t want to share, even God’s favours upon us.

Don’t they know that if nobody uses this water, it will just go to waste?

I had to stand in the queue behind a guy with two 100-litre cans, and I had a nice conversation with him, but now some want to pull up with their Mercs and quickly fill and leave. It does not work like that.

They must learn to stand in queues in the new South Africa. I have experienced this myself: some guy comes with three 25-litre cans and I have five 25-litre cans, then he gets impatient and tells me to move along. Luckily I am a passive guy, otherwise I would have splashed him with the water.