Shacks removed in joint operation

The Railway Street bridge in Woodstock where police carried out the joint operation.

Woodstock police and law enforcement removed shacks under the Railway Street bridge in Woodstock last Friday.

Police also temporarily held 46 people found on the railway land for “profiling”, according to Warrant Officer Hilton Malila, of Woodstock police.

“The people staying inside the rail environment are responsible for breaking down the rail infrastructure. Predominantly undocumented people and some local drug addicts are hanging out under the Railway Street bridge and are also actively involved in street robberies and breaking into motor vehicles,” he said.

Law enforcement spokesman, Wayne Dyason, said several illegal structures had been demolished and checks done on those held to see if they had outstanding warrants.

Warrant Officer Malila had a stern warning for people living illegally on railway land.

“The next time a person is going to be caught, he or she will be charged with railway-related crimes, which are a very serious offence, as well as trespassing as an alternative charge.”