Security cameras for Kenilworth

From left Princeton Group director Colin Maree, LKID chairman Peter Linnegar, LKID director Rory Moore, Princeton Group director David Peacock and the groups managing director Cassie Carstens.

A non-profit company that provides top-up municipal services in lower Kenilworth has struck a deal with a security firm to install cameras in the

In terms of the lease agreement with the newly established Lower Kenilworth Improvement District (LKID), the Claremont-based Princeton Group security firm will install 30 CCTV cameras from Kenilworth Road to Wetton Road and from Rosmead Avenue to the railway line.

The LKID launched at the beginning of July, after the former Kenilworth Residents’ Association (KRA), which had served the community for close to 30 years, ceased to exist.

LKID chairman Peter Linnegar said the camera project was in the business plan they had submitted to the City in their bid to run a new community improvement district (CID).

“The payment for the monthly leasing of CCTV cameras comes from the extra incremental amount that the ratepayers are paying for monthly rates,” he said.

The cameras would improve safety in the area and protect school pupils at Michael Oak Waldorf School and Cedar House, he said.

The area saw mostly car and garage break-ins as well petty opportunistic crime, he said.

LKID director Rory Moore said: “These new CCTV cameras will assist the police as well as keep the community safer.”

Mr Moore is also the chairman of the Kenilworth Neighbourhood Watch.

The watch might “fall away” at a later stage and be replaced by the LKID, he said.

The CCTV cameras will be monitored for 24 hours at the Claremont-based security company which also provides an armed-response service.

Princeton Group managing director Cassie Carstens said LKID would pay a monthly lease for the camera installation and equipment.

His firm would start installing the cameras from Monday September 7 and should be done before the end of November, he said.