School gets boost from business

The Livingstone High School pupils painted the boys and girls toilets.

A former Livingstone High School pupil has helped to give it a much-needed makeover.

Marlo Paulse approached a company to upgrade his old school’s library and give it new computers, among other things.

Over three days last week, the company helped to clean up the school grounds and remove old furniture.

They also replaced the old volleyball net with a new one, brought new furniture to the library and provided eco-friendly benches. The firm has donated four laptops, a digital projector and two printers.

“It is good to give back after being at the school so many years ago and leaving the school and seeing how the school needs assistance today. I don’t think it is going to stop here, there is much more that can be done,” said Mr Paulse.

Another former pupil, Mishkaa Roberts, who works for the company helping Livingstone says the initiative could inspire other businesses to do the same.

Meanwhile some of the school pupils joined in by painting the boys and girls toilets over three days.

Deputy principal Ashley van der Horn thanked the company for taking the school “under their wing”.

But the final week of term wasn’t all hard work. At the final assembly last Friday, the pupils were entertained ahead of Youth Day by

Jarrad Ricketts and Robin Peters. Ricketts, from Athlone, said: “Kids are going through so much in our communities, it’s important to ensure that they are safe and accounted for and it is up to us as adults to take the kids and guide them forward in life.”

Siyamamkela Siboto, from the Representative Council of Learners, said: “We must still continue to fight for our rights as the youth of today as we are the ones who are fresh with ideas.”

Teacher Tiffany Masters said: “Education is not just about marks, it’s about doing different things and events like this, even if it comes from outside, does foster school spirit.”