School food garden honours late principal

Dryden Street Primary School pupils, teachers and guests celebrate the opening of the Cedric Joubert Memorial Garden last Friday March 11.

Dryden Street Primary School unveiled its new food garden, last Friday, which is named after late school principal Cedric Joubert.

Cedric Joubert was a former pupil of the school. He taught there for over 30 years, including a four-year stint as principal before his death from Covid complications in February last year. He was 56.

His wife, Salome Joubert, who was present at the launch, said the garden was a fitting tribute to her husband. “He was always encouraging growth at the school. The garden needs to be nurtured like the pupils need to be nurtured.”

Her husband had lived for Dryden Street Primary and the family appreciated what the school had to honour his memory, she said.

Principal Stanton Smith said: “It is important to appreciate history and honour those who contributed towards the life of the school.”

The garden, made possible with support from a financial services company, will include spinach, beetroot, spring onions, cabbage, celery, turnips, lettuce and carrots as well as grapes, guavas and granadillas, and it’s hoped that it will be a source of nutrition for the pupils.

“This garden will firstly teach the pupils about nurturing and growing vegetables, and it will serve the school’s feeding scheme and result in the pupils getting fully nourished, which would improve their learning experience,” said Ms Smith.

Tending to the food garden, from left, are Dryden Street Primary School teacher Nicole Kleyn, Salt River Heritage Society members Nadia Agherdine and Waseela Everson and the late Mr Joubert’s widow, Salome Joubert.
Grade 7 Dryden Street Primary School pupils La Rose Mokelo, left, and Shaleen Fombo help to plant seedlings.