Sanitary Pads



Caption 1: Teen used her birthday to her advantage to raise fund to buy sanitary pads for underprivileged girls.

Caption 2:Teen Holding a reusable sanitary pad that last for five years.

Most teens would want to throw a world class birthday party for their sweet sixteenth but not Avantika Naidoo, who instead requested her family and friends to rather donate money towards her project, a charity project that buys reusable sanitary pads for underprivileged young girls.

A teen from Rondebosch who turned 16, in January 22 used her birthday to her advantage to raise funds for Project dignity. “I chose my birthday because people pay a lot of attention when you turn 16, and people are always willing to spend on you on your birthday,”said Avantika.

The teen said she also want to create awareness on the ongoing need of the sanitary needs by the girls in our community in order for them to avoid missing school. “I always read about girls who uses socks whenever they are on  periods because they can’t afford to buy pads, no girl should ever go through that, that is why I see the need to buy the reusable sanitary pads for those in need,”said the teen.

“It’s makes me happy Knowing that someone else is happy that is why I didn’t mind to giving up my sweet sixteenth party to help others,”she said.

The teen first did her research on the homes to find out if there is a need for sanitary pads. She raised enough money to buy 17 reusable sanitary pads to Kerria Primary School in Atlantis and 15 packs to St George’s Girls Home.The sanitary pads last for five years which it’s the girls high school career.

“I never thought the project will escalate like this, I didn’t want to do the interviews at first but I realized more people hear about this the more donations I will get,”said Avantika.  The teen said ever since she made a request on her birthday people have been giving her money every time they see her.

“I am currently planning to do a fundraising event, This project will become a family thing my family is going to get involved my mother is already helping me,” she said.