Salt River school pupils learn some life lessons

Woodstock police officer Lieutenant Colonel Alroy van der Berg sharing safety tips with the pupils.

Dryden Street Primary School Grade 7s were given advice about bullying, school safety, gender violence and more ahead of Youth Day last week when the police, staff from the Spencer Road Clinic, and the Western Cape Missing Persons Unit (WCMPU) visited the Salt River school.

Woodstock police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Alroy van der Berg spoke about the impact of various forms of bullying.

“It is important for bullies to know what their actions are causing and for the victims to know that it is not okay to be bullied,” he said.

“When bullied, don’t retaliate with aggression as the bullies would end up wanting to report you, and always try to tell someone you trust like a parent, teacher or police officer,” he said.

WCMPU committee member Rafiqa Booley said children should avoid wandering off and taking something from a stranger. “Even if it is something as small as a child going to the shop or going with friends, they must inform their family as to where they are going,” she said.

School principal Soraya Kahn welcomed the organisations and said their messages should be built into the school curriculum. “These issues affect their lives on a daily basis,” she said.

From left, are Dryden Street Primary School principal Soraya Kahn, teacher Stacy Lewis, WCMPU project manager Shariefa Job and WCMPU committee member Rafiqa Booley.
Spencer Road clinic manager Xolisa Kosani speaking to the pupils.