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cn rt flux: StartSmart took the R12 000 cash prize at this year’s FLUX business game for their business idea, which aims to help students grow throughout their academic careers.

FLUX game changes education range

UCT Careers Service held its annual FLUX entrepreneurship business game on Tuesday May 23 where teams of pupils were given real-world problems which they needed to present a solution to using innovation and technology.

Team StartSmart managed to scoop the R12 000 prize and were declared game winners with their innovative idea to create a free mobile platform that helps students grow throughout their academic careers.

The aim behind the FLUX challenge is to introduce students to the elements involved in creating and running a business. Pupils who form teams of six have one day to create a profitable idea which would change the way education works in South Africa.

Team StartSmart’s idea provides relevant resources, daily quizzes and educational games to increase the academic performance of those who use the app. The platform will also provide career guidance and resources during job and university applications.

Users could also possibly gain scholarships if their performance on the app is recognised by bursars and employers who will pay to access the data collected on the app of users performance.

“We use the data gathered during students’ use of our platform to link them to bursars and employers that fit their skills and interests and ensure that the best students have access to opportunities that are right for them.”

“Nothing I’ve done so far at UCT, none of the courses I have done in this area, have prepared me the way FLUX has,” said StartSmart member Dominic Schorr, a fourth-year mechatronics engineering student.

Dominic Schorr and his fellow StartSmart members Ntsako Mgiba, Nikhil Mohanlal, Jasanth Moodley, Do Yeou and Jaydon Farao won the game against 120 students who took place and took home the R12 000 prize and title of FLUX 2017 champions.

The jam-packed day had students working in teams of six to prepare a profitable business idea, using technology, that would change the way education works in South Africa.

UCT’s Careers Service runs programmes such as FLUX with the hopes of honing entrepreneurial skills that are vital to students whether they aspire to running their own businesses in the future or want to gain a better understanding of what is involved in the companies they will work for as graduates.