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Wolwerivier violation could help Bromwell

Athina May

Discrepancies with government not complying with the environmental authorization before building Wolwerivier was new information which was brought to light in the Western Cape High court on Thursday May 18, when the Bromwell application for the recusal of Judge Weinkove was due to be heard.

The hearing held to  to determine whether Acting Judge Leslie Weinkove should be recused after he made offensive comments during the Bromwell case earlier this year  was postponed to August 3 and 4. In light of the new information which  could strengthen the Bromwell case.

The Bromwell street families were served with eviction notices in March 2016 after the homes were sold to a developer. The City offered to relocate residents to Wolwerivier, however, this matter was taken to court and residents argued that conditions in relocation camp were “inhumane”.

Residents argued that isolation from work opportunities, schooling, healthcare and other amenities condemned residents to unemployment, crippling poverty and to possibly become victims of violent crime and substance abuse.

However, Judge Weinkove responded to residents concerns asking what is the point of residents needing to be near a school or transportation if they do not have money. This comment as well as others resulted in the application for Judge Weinkove’s recusal.

The postponement now gives the lawyers for the Bromwell Street families time to place the information before the court in a new affidavit.

Acting Judge Weinkove further ordered that the argument regarding the issue in the main court case regarding whether the City is obligation to provide emergency accommodation close to transport and amenities is also postponed to August.

Ndifuna Ukwazi Law Centre Attorney Disha Govender who represents the Bromwell residents said that the centre is in the process of drafting the affidavit regarding the new information, however, in the meantime specifics regarding the new information could not be revealed.