rt let Moore

I was so sad to hear of the theft of the church bells of St. Luke’s in Salt River. My father, Rev. Dr. Charles Scarborough, was the Minister at Sea Point Congregational Church for 25 years. Sea Point Cong had a bell tower, but no bells. Not to be thwarted, my intrepid dad rigged up a loudspeaker that broadcasted a spectacular carrion of bells from our slim little single-bell tower, which echoed across Sea Point across the years (He also had a single-bell toll, reserved for funerals). 

Only after his death I discovered by accident that his recorded peal was that  of St. James Church in Bermondsey, London, where his grandparents had married. The theft of the Salt River bells, installed to the glory of God, is a devastating loss to the community. I remember seeing tears stream down my father’s face as he sat in his vestry amid the chaos after thieves had broken into his beloved church. 
Ann Moore