Reverend Slingers had ‘a heart for healing’

The late Reverend Marcus Slingers, 57, has been described as a devoted servant of God who touched many people’s lives.

The late Reverend Marcus Slingers, 57, who has been described by all who knew him as a devoted servant of God who touched many people’s lives, was buried at St George’s Cathedral on Saturday August 12.

He died on Tuesday August 1, from medical complications after suffering a stroke earlier this year.

Reverend Slingers was known and well-loved in the greater Athlone area, Kenwyn, Retreat and in his latter days at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town.

He served the Anglican churches of Reconciliation in Manenberg, St George The Martyr in Silvertown, St Philip’s in Kenwyn, and St Cyprian’s in Retreat.

Before becoming a full-time priest in 2008, he was a teacher and taught at Cypress and Garlandale primary schools. Many of the speakers at his memorial service said this was where the seed was planted for his passion for youth development.

St Cyprian’s parishioner Wayne Jones said: “To know Father Marcus, was to love him. He was held in high regard and was well-loved. He was dignified, humble and kind. He crept deep into the hearts of people simply because of who he was – a stable man in an unstable world. He was the most approachable and tender human being. He radiated warmth and lit up a room when he walked in. Marcus touched so many people’s lives. His life was about nurturing.”

Reverend Allen Goliath said Reverend Slingers was a blessing to the community of Silvertown.

“Irrespective of the curve balls, he remained faithful to God and continued serving the community,” he said.

Denver Paiyo, a parishioner of the Church of Reconciliation in Manenberg, said: “He was a true man of God who saw the potential of others. He did not call attention to himself but made others feel important. He was passionate about the youth and he wanted the best for them. He was a devoted servant of God.”

His friend, Sedrico Husselman, described him as someone who was attentive to others’ needs, with a heart of compassion.

“I met Reverend Slingers while studying at Cornerstone Christian College. I remember, as a struggling student, how he shared his lunch with me and others packed by his dear wife, Colleen Slingers.

“He was later my minister at St Philip’s. The mark of his ministry is that he would find the broken and let them be wounded healers. He had a heart for healing and restoration. He led with sensitivity and his nurturing abilities ran deep and his endless hours of counselling never ran dry.

“I will remember Reverend Marcus Slingers as a friend who carried me physically when I lost all my strength and mobility in the emergency unit of Gatesville Medical hospital after I had a stroke. I will remember him as my friend who sat with me on the wooden benches of Cornerstone Christian College with sandwiches speaking life over me. I will remember Marcus as my dear friend and Reverend Slingers as my spiritual mentor.”

Reverend Slingers is survived by his wife, Colleen; his sons, Brad and Joshua; his daughter-in-law, Lauren; his mother, Elizabeth; and his siblings.