Residents’ uphill battle with Telkom lines

Gail Wallace trying to use her landline that is not working.

Harfield Village residents and businesses say they’ve been battling with problems with their phone lines.

Pensioner Gail Wallace lives in a complex in the area and said for the second time in two months her Telkom landline had gone dead with no dial tone.

She said she had complained at the Telkom shop in Kenilworth Centre but that hadn’t helped.

She logged a fault with Telkom and got a reference number but that was on Monday July 23 and the fault still had not been fixed.

Doctor Richard Funston said two months of phone problems had been bad for his physiotherapy practice, as clients had battled to make appointments.

The Sherwood Nursing Home in Kenilworth has also had problems with its phone line, according to staffer Marilyn Carter.

Diane May, the receptionist at a dentist’s practice, said business had been slow for two weeks and there had also been problems with the internet and fax lines.

Telkom spokesperson, Noma Faku, confirmed a cable had been damaged in the Kenilworth area on July 23.

“There was some service interruptions and the services were repaired on Friday. Telkom apologises to customers for the inconvenience,” said Ms Faku.

She did not explain what had caused the line problems prior to July 23.