Residents receive civic honour awards

Dominic Van Wezop of Park Inn Radisson receives the award from Sub-council chairman Ian Iversen

The Protea Sub-council last week handed civic awards to residents who had made outstanding contributions to society.

The citizens have been nominated by ward councillors, community organisations or the public and the awards are in accordance with the Civic Honours policy of the City of Cape Town.

From sport and security to outreach, commitment and dedication, these people have a passion for their cause, said sub-council chairman, Ian Iversen at the event at the Alphen Centre.

“It is hoped that your involvement will inspire others to make a difference in the city and the country,” he said.

Mr Iversen, who is also the Ward 59 councillor, nominated Park Inn by Radisson for a civic award.

The Newlands hotel has employed a number of deaf people in a variety of positions and has also formed a unique partnership with the Deaf Federation of South Africa when it opened at the end of 2014 and have on average 30 employees who are deaf or hard of hearing.

About 30% of their employees have disabilities and the hotel is well above the government’s target of 2% as well as the 2% to obtain points for the B-BBEE scorecard.

“The management has found that their employees with disabilities are hardworking and dependable employees. They are less absent, the retention rate is higher and their productivity and efficiency are comparable to non-disabled employees and also contribute positively to the overall diversity, creativity and workplace morale and enhance the hotel’s image among its staff and customers.

“With this in mind and their focus on accessibility, they are certainly deserving of this award.”

Mr Iversen also awarded the Upper Claremont Security committee for its project that covers a large area of upper Claremont.

“They have ensured that the latest electronic equipment is employed to track possible criminals or suspect vehicles. The security company then takes the necessary action to alert and protect residents and their property. The small committee is led by Alan
Gillet and Jean Buckham who undertakes all the administrative duties.

“It therefore gives me great pleasure to present this award to the Upper Claremont Security Project as a token of appreciation for making the community a safer place,” said Mr Iversen.