Resident calls to mobilise SA

A Pinelands woman has launched her own campaign to remove President Jacob Zuma from power, following his midnight cabinet reshuffle that sparked widespread public outrage.

Zeenat Shaikjee has created Mobilize SA and is organising a protest at Parliament on Friday, April 7, at 9am, calling for the president to be impeached.

Ms Shaikjee published an “open letter to South Africa” on social media, saying the ministers had been axed to serve the interests of a “corrupt” dictatorship.

She called on citizens to do their civil duty and rid the country of what she called its “corrupt and unconscionable leadership”.
She wrote: “We as citizens have the ability and opportunity to demand and call for justice by putting our differences and egos aside, and ensuring that future generations reap the benefit of our efforts.”

Several residents expressed solidarity with Ms Shaikjee’s post and about 50 pledged their support for the protest.

Sandi Nye said: “Thank you, Zeenat, for expressing so well what many citizens may be feeling at this turbulent and unjust time. I pray the iniquities of the past are not repeated, and that our politicians do not allow these unconscionable acts of greed to triumph, destroying the future of our precious country and the hopes of all sane citizens.”

NicolaRizzutosaid: “Amandla! It’s time to take action, together!”

Victoria Emslie said: “Thank you, Zeenat, for saying out loud what so many of us are feeling.”