Remote-jammer thieves on the prowl, warn cops

Tools were stolen from out of a vehicle in Central Square, Pinelands, by thieves using a remote jammer.

There have been two thefts from vehicles within minutes of each other in Pinelands in which remote jamming was used, say police, who are warning motorists to check their vehicles are locked.

According to Pinelands police station commander Lieutenant Colonel Anton van der Berg, a laptop was stolen from a vehicle parked at the Howard Centre parking lot, at about 5pm, on Monday August 14. Then, after 6pm, tools were stolen from another vehicle parked in Central Square.

Lieutenant Colonel Van der Berg said a remote-jammer device looked exactly like a car key remote with buttons.

When a car owner used their remote to lock the vehicle, the thieves, hovering nearby, pushed a button on their device to jam the signal and stop the car from locking, he said.

Motorists should physically check that their vehicle was in fact locked instead of walking away and using their remote, he said, adding that valuables should not be left in the vehicle.

A laptop was stolen out of a vehicle parked in a parking area by Howard Centre, Pinelands.