Rail issues need attention

Metrorail area manager, David Ntshoko, Sub-council 17 chairman, George March and Ward 60 councillor, Mark Kleinschmidt.

Mark Kleinschmidt, Ward 60 councillor

Thank you to our vigilant Kenwyn Neighbourhood Watch members for their assistance during the horrific Lansdowne railway line incident in which a man was critically injured while crossing the railway lines.

I met with the Metrorail area manager, David Ntshoko and Sub-council 17 chairman, George March, recently to address the issues of the holes on both sides of the fence at the Lansdowne station railway lines, resulting in commuters illegally crossing the tracks; the filth and garbage dumped illegally; the graffiti on Crawford station subway walls, and the consistent flooding of the subways.

To date, nothing has been done. I want to partner with Metrorail to prevent any further injuries or fatalities. We need action now please, Metrorail.