R600k skatepark under way in Woodstock

Soon skate boarders will be able to flip, jump and ollie at the skatepark which is planned to be built along the eastern side of the Woodstock Town Hall Park.

Skateboarders will soon have a new facility to jump, flip and Ollie in at Woodstock as the City revealed the new location for the construction of a R634 000 skateboard facility in the Woodstock Town Hall precinct.

The idea for the skateboard facility emerged as part of the World Design Capital co-design ward project in 2014, where the local community and skateboarders participated in discussions about the revitalisation of the Woodstock Town Hall precinct.

The facility will be situated on the eastern side of the Woodstock Town Hall Park along Victoria Road, between Plein and Aberdeen streets.

It will be fenced off and will have ramps in three corners and a ramp with a hump in the middle of the park.

It is hoped that the new facility will create a safe space for skateboarders to meet, practise, and hone their skills.

“We have upgraded some of the infrastructure in the vicinity of the town hall. For example, we paved the area between the town hall, library, and park with red brick and cobbles. We added seven parking bays to the existing parking area adjacent to the town hall.

“We are gradually revitalising and uplifting this area and next on the list is the construction of the skateboard facility. I was the local ward councillor at the time and we were all very excited about the prospect of creating a safe place that skateboarders can call their own and where they can enjoy themselves,” said the City’s mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, Brett Herron.

Mr Herron said the City had now completed the final design of the park and were eager to share the layout with the local skateboarding community and residents.

He said he had no doubt that the facility will be popular and well used once we are done.

Construction of the project will start in January next and should be completed within three to four months.

“We are looking forward to getting going, and I am sure that the local skateboarders feel the same.

“There will be limited parking at the town hall during this time, and the work will affect the traffic along Plein Street.

“We will have traffic controllers in the area,” said Mr Herron.

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