Queens Park High gives Macbeth an SA twist

Queens Park High pupils Lithetha Ngamlana and Mwai Kapatika portray Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Macbeth will be getting a South African make-over in an abridged version of the Shakespearean work staged by Queens Park High School.

The production will draw on themes of lust, envy, greed and corruption all seen through the lens of the modern-day South African corporate world, according to teacher Nicole Marshall, who is directing this version, with the help of pupil co-directors Mwai Kapatika, Prince Lubala and Mpho Dyosi.

Lithetha Ngamlana plays the part of Macbeth while Mwai Kapatika is Lady Macbeth.

“In keeping with the theme of illumination of the Shakespeare School’s festival this year, we also play around with light and darkness in order to enhance the effect of this message, and how these elements are at constant war with each other within us,” said Ms Marshall.

Seventeen Queens Park High pupils are participating in the production.

“They are dedicated to refining their craft and the way they have brought this age-old classic to life is inspiring and worth every second of rehearsing and directing them,” said Ms Marshall.

The production, which is part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, will be staged at the District Six Homecoming Centre on Wednesday May 24 from 7.30pm. Tickets are R110 and can be bought from Quicket.

The Queens Park High School cast of Macbeth.