Put golf land to good use

Howard Smit, Pinelands

Deputy mayor Ian Neilson has a very good suggestion on consolidating the golf courses (“Golf clubs have plan B”, Tatler, April 28).

As we are well aware prime land is scarce and limited around the city and that is true of all big cities around the world. Golf courses are more for the privileged class and the big tracts of land are in a sense “wasted”.

The financial benefits flow to the private sector, meaning the lessees of the courses at the expense of the ratepayers as the council leases it out at a pittance of the true value of the land.

As Cape Town is an inclusive and forward thinking city, it would be great if a few golf courses can be used for residential use and the financial benefits would be enormous for the future with the collection of rates and other services.

Also the travelling time for many would be reduced as well.

I would urge the relevant heads of department/s and mayor’s office to prioritise this in their meetings.